Account registration

  • I have created account with SimplePin, but can't send to invoice to a Customer.

    If you can't send invoice, most-likely your email address has not been verified and your account is not activated. To activate your account go to your mail inbox, look for an email from SimplePin with subject "SimplePin. Account activation" and click on button "Activate account".

    If case you can't find email in your Inbox folder, check your spam folder.

  • I've entered wrong email during registration and can't change it to activate my account.

    Send us support request using our Contact us form, we will address this issue.

  • My email address has been changed, but I can't change it in admin tools.

    If your account has not been activated yet, send us support request using our Contact us form, we will address this issue.

    If your account has been activated and you have customers, invoices and transactions under account, please call us 1 800 SIMPLE00. Live agent will help to change your email address.

Customer management

  • What's Policy # field in Customer form?

    Policy # represents unique id of your customer. If you are using your own system to manage customers, please make Policy # in SimplePin is the same as in your internal system. Policy # is always unique for each customer.

  • What's Customer since field in Customer form?

    Customer since represents the date on which this particular person became your customer.

  • What is the difference between Main address and Alternative billing address sections in Customer form?

    In majority of the cases customer has only one billing address, but if customer's address and billing address are different, you can use Alternative billing address for that purpose.

    Also, it very important to understand that selected address is considered as an address for taxation calculation.

Invoice management

  • I've sent invoice to a Customer, but he called me back and mentioned that his address has been changed. What steps should I take to fix the invoice.

    At the moment invoice has been sent, Customer's address locked as part of the invoice and can't be changed. If you change the address as Part of Customer form, it won't affect invoice. To make changes in invoice, following should be done:

    1. Open Invoice
    2. Find REOPEN button in the form
    3. Adjust customer's address.
    4. SEND invoice

  • How can I automatically bill customer every month?

    Yes, SimplePin support reoccurring billing, but in order to do so you have receive consent from customer when he is paying his first invoice. These are the steps:

    1. Send First invoice and remind your Customer to enable pre-authorized charge during payment.
    2. After customer paid his first invoice, you will be able to schedule multiple invoices which will be charged on customer's card as long as card is active.

    As long as customer's credit card is valid, you will be able to charge customer and send him invoice.

  • Can I CANCEL invoice?

    Yes, if you sent invoice and customer did not pay it, you can cancel it. Customer will receive notification that invoice cancelled.

  • Customer claims that he/she did not receive the invoice, how can I resend it.

    1. Ask customer to check junk folder
    2. Ask customer for email address to make sure it is accurate. (If it is not, reopen invoice, change address and send invoice again).
    3. If address is accurate, simple Resent Invoice link from Invoice or invoice preview.

Billing customers

  • Customer would like to be REIMBURSED, what should I do?

    In this case open Invoice Preview and click on button Refund at the top of the form. Please note, in this case you account will be charged credit card admin fees.

  • What are the credit card charges?

    SimplePin charges 2.9% + $0.30 credit card Admin fees for every transaction. Depends on the volume of transaction you might be eligible for a discount.

  • What payment methods you are supporting currently?

    We support Credit and Debit cards at this moment. Credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express

  • I want customer to pay credit card fees, is it possible?

    Yes, this is possible. When you are sending invoice, you have 3 options to send invoice with

    • additional credit card admin fees, in this case customer pays there fees to SimplePin and SimplePin will issue separate admin fee receipt to a customer.
    • you pay additional fees to SimplePin and customer does not see these fees on invoice.
    • you and your customer will spit admin fees 50/50, in this case SimplePin will issue separate admin fee receipt to a customer.


User management

  • What roles available as part of my account setup

    If you created SimplePin account, you will be automatically assigned with role Account owner. You can also created additional accounts

    • Manager
    • Customer care
    • Accounting
    for complete list of permissions refer to following permission page



  • What languages SimplePin supports

    At this moment SimplePin supports English, Spanish and French. When account just created, only one language will be available for a customer, other languages will be disabled.

  • When I created my company account, I see that customers have access to only one language English, how can I activated French and Spanish?

    Yes, go to Settings > Company info and enable other languages. Customer will see additional languages in language drop-down right away.

  • My customer is French speaking, should I do anything special when I prepare the invoice?

    You do not need to do anything special as SimplePin will prepare the invoice based on customer's preference. If customer activated account in French, we will sent the invoice in French, if he will change his language preferences to other languages, our system will see that right away.

    Nevertheless, if you are operating in Quebec, you might consider writing product description and special notes to customer in both languages.

Deposits (Withdraw)

  • How do I withdraw funds from SimplePin?


  • What methods available to withdraw money from SimplePin?

    At this moment we can deposit funds to you bank account using two options:
    1. by Checks
    2. by Direct deposits to Canadian bank accounts.
    You can request deposit manually or automate deposit process to receive funds regularly.

  • How is deposit process works

    When you send invoices to your customers and customers pay these invoices, we collect funds and allocate them to your SimplePin account. At the moment you request deposit we collect all successful transactions and unsuccessful and calculate total amount to be deposited. Reconciliation report will be prepared where you can see all transactions.

    In the event when customer requests Refunds or financial institution initiate Charge-back during current reporting period, we will substract reported amounts from the total.

    If you requested deposit by check, our personnel will prepare check within 24 hours and will send it to you. Depends on the your location in Canada it will take between 3 and 7 business days to deliver.

    If you requested direct deposit to your bank account, we initiate transfer instantly and within 15 minutes funds were accepted for processing. Deposit line will reflect status Pending. Within 24 hours SimplePin receives acknowledgement from bank If transfer processed properly. On successful transfer deposit status will change to Settled. If transfer was not processed properly, it will show status Error.

  • Why are you asking for login and password to my bank account during direct deposit setup? Is it secure?

    In order to configure direct deposit we have to know for a fact that you are an owner of the bank account. We do not have access to your login and password and this procedure is very secure.

  • Why it takes long time to connect to my bank account during direct deposit setup?

    When it comes on connectivity, we are relying on the bank technology and depends on the bank and time of the day there might be delay in response. Usual response time from the server is up to 3 minutes, but in some cases we see delays up to 7 minutes.

  • How long does it take to receive direct bank deposit?

    Depends on the bank you are in it takes between 24 hours and 5 business days to deliver funds to your account.


  • Why SimplePin asking to confirm if I collect taxes and tax rates?

    SimplePin have developed very convenient functionality so that you can calculate your taxes at the moment of creating the invoice. But ultimately It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of tax rates, as well as maintain this table every year as rates change according to government regulations. We recommend you to review these rates with you accountant.

  • I have offices in two different provinces/states. How should I configure my taxes?

    Based on your office address and Customer's address we will calculate taxed for you. To make sure taxes calculated correctly, add office address in Taxation module at /company/dashboard/taxes.